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Project 3 Mobility and Mobileye Join Forces

It is no secret that Project 3 Mobility was looking for a technological partner to help them develop their autonomous mobility ecosystem. Of course, Mobileye was a serious contender. The official announcement of their collaboration came today with a joint communication from both companies.

Project 3 Mobility aims at building an entire ecosystem, with custom-built electric vehicles designed integrated with specialized infrastructure and a user-friendly platform.

At the heart of this ecosystem lies Mobileye Drive (Mobileye's driverless system), which builds upon the experience of Mobileye on developping a wider suite of technology solutions (from base driver-assist to ADAS).

The collaboration kicks off with testing in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2024, with a full service launch targeted for 2026. But Project 3 Mobility's vision extends far beyond Zagreb. They've already secured partnerships with 9 cities across Europe and the Middle East, with plans to expand to 30 more.

This collaboration adds up to the impressive list of companies relying on Mobileye's technology for their ADAS or the automation of their vehicles (among others: VW ADMT, Holon, Udelv, Porsche, Geely).

Links to the press release:

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