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ULTIME Project

The ULTIMATE project

The ULTIME (Urban Logistics Training in an Immersive Environment) project is an innovation project focused on the urban logistics sector. It is funded by EIT Urban Mobility for a period of 24 months and is led by 3 partners (Espaces Mobilités, VUB and Transitec).

The project aims to address the challenge of sustainable urban logistics by harnessing the potential of extended reality to train practitioners using an interactive tool that will help better include stakeholders in the design of new logistics solutions.

Alongside the interactive tool, the project will develop associated training content that will strengthen participants' capacity to improve the impact of stakeholder engagement and city design. The starting point of the training is the recognition of the importance of including stakeholders in urban logistics. In addition to an overview of the different tools, the training will provide participants with a portfolio of solutions allowing them to approach stakeholders, illustrate how urban logistics is organized in cities and move towards an approach overall. Finally, the training will focus on possible solutions to better develop and share public space in order to support the development of more sustainable freight transport.

The digital twin will allow participants to use a virtual space where they can interact and test different configurations of streets and/or buildings. At each stage of the training, participants will be expected to participate in the learning process by providing feedback to the training designers in the form of focus groups, questionnaires and role plays.

This project is supported by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union. EIT Urban Mobility acts to accelerate positive change on mobility to make urban spaces more liveable.

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