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DiDi Launches Joint Venture with EV manufacturer GAC Aion for Robotaxis

Didi Global, a major Chinese ride-hailing company, has made significant strides in the autonomous vehicle space through a joint venture with EV manufacturer GAC Aion.

Named Andi, this partnership marks a pioneering move in China as it's set to mass-produce fully autonomous electric robotaxis. Slated to roll out its first model, a crossover electric SUV, by 2025, Andi is a testament to the accelerating collaboration between technology and automotive sectors in China.

The venture is also bolstered by investment of approximately $149 million, showcasing strong financial and strategic backing. The joint venture is positioned as a frontrunner in the autonomous driving industry, aiming to lead with a novel business model that integrates technology, smart manufacturing, and operational strategies specifically tailored to Level 4 autonomous vehicles.

This development comes amidst news of Tesla, another key player in the field, planning to launch its own robotaxi on a newly focused platform, indicating a growing competitive landscape in the autonomous vehicle market. Didi and GAC Aion's move highlights a significant push towards innovative transportation solutions in China, signaling a transformative phase in how mobility is approached in one of the world's largest markets.

In April 2021, Didi announced that it was teaming up with Volvo Cars in a strategic agreement to enhance its self-driving test fleet. Under this partnership, Volvo supplied Didi with XC90 cars. The vehicles incorporated "Didi Gemini, Didi's self-driving hardware platform, and were planned for deployment in Didi’s ride-hailing network.

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